7 Amazing Houses in the World

7 Amazing Houses in the World

Each one of us at some point, pictured what our dream house would look like. Whether it may be beside the river or near a beach, we want our houses to be perfect inside and out. While most of us would rather go low profile on what our house would look like, some people aren’t afraid to go all out when it comes to creativity and “thinking outside the box”. Here is a rundown of 7 Amazing houses in the world.


7 | Shoe House -  South Africa

 Shoe House -  South Africa

The Shoe House of South Africa is the work of artist and hotelier Ron Van Zyl. He built the house for his wife Yvonne in the year 1990. Inside, you will find a little museum showcasing Van Zyl’s wood carvings. The house is part of a complex that has eight-chalet guest houses, camp site, restaurant, pool and bar.


 6 | Upside Down House

Dirk Oster's upside down house

Take a tour inside Dirk Oster’s upside down house. While he might not be the first to come up with this idea, it’s still worth the spot here in our list. Everything inside the house is upside down including the kitchen sink and toilet.


5 | Toilet Shaped House

The Toilet-shaped House

This is the world’s one and only toilet-shaped house. It was built to mark the launch of the World Toilet Association, a campaign for more sanitary restrooms worldwide. Sim Jae-Duck, also known as “Mayor Toilet”, had the 4,508-square-foot concrete and glass structure built in his native city in South Korea. At the center of the home is a glass-walled “showcase loo” that produces mist to make users feel more secure. Sim was born into a toilet and this moved him to make clean restrooms as his life’s work.


4 | Inversion House – Houston, Texas

Inversion House

This house is a product of two old studio buildings owned by the Art League in Houston which was set to be demolished. Artists Dan Havel and Dean Rick decided to turn them into a temporary art installation by altering the two buildings and peeling off the exterior siding of the front building to simulate the appearance of a funnel-like vortex. The opening you could see is actually a tiny hallway where only kids could fit through it. It passed through the two structures and empties out into an adjacent courtyard. Clever right?


3 |  Mushroom House – Cincinnati, Ohio

Mushroom House

This unusual piece of architecture found in an upscale area of Cincinnati was created by Architect Terry Brown. The architectural style of the house first developed when he experimented with wood, shell, colored glass, ceramics and other various materials to create irregular shapes and of those found in nature.


2 | Hang Nga Villa – Dalat, Vietnam

Hang Nga Villa

The bizarre-looking structure in Dalat, Vietnam, that looked like something out of a child’s fairy tale gone wrong, was built by the daughter of Ho Chi Minh’s right hand. The Hang Nga Villa, now known as the “Crazy House”, was created by Madame Hang Nga. The house which was made of concrete, now serves as a restaurant and reception area for an adjacent French colonial-style hotel in a jolting contrast in architectural styles.


1 | Eliphante & Hippodome – Cornville, Arizona

Eliphante & Hippodome – Cornville, Arizona

Because of the look of its entrance, this sculptural home was called the Eliphante House. It was created by an artist named Michael Kahn together with his wife Leda Livant. The house and several outbuildings occupy 3 acres of land and incorporate rocks and scraps from construction sites.



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