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7 Amazing Prodigies

Savants, genius, prodigies, whatever you may call it, are the masters of mental mayhem. They are legendary people who could tell how many thread are in your shoelaces. Savants are practically blessed when it comes to talent where some of us could only hope and have our heads itch in awe and amazement. Scientists could not unlock the real deal when it comes to savant syndrome and up to this very day, they are still in the process of figuring out what goes inside the heads of these amazing savants.


7 | Stephen Wiltshire


Stephen Wiltshire is known for his ability to capture into drawing complicated scenery and landscapes after seeing it for seconds. He has been tagged as the “human camera”. In the year 2005, he has amazed a lot of people when he presented them a perfect picture of his overhead panoramic drawing of Tokyo in a 10ft canvas after his short flight over the city riding a helicopter. He is very particular even to details and it is evident in his drawing of Rome where he included the exact number of columns in the Pantheon.


6 | Jedediah Buxton


Born in Derbyshire, England, Jedediah was known as a mathematical monster. He was not properly educated when he was young but he surely knows how to count. According to reports, he was able to measure the entire Lordship of Elmton by simply walking across its grounds and giving the measurements in acres and square inches. One more proof he’s good with numbers is the fact that he invented names for them because no one has found a use for larger quantities.


 5 | Leslie Lemke


Our next savant is autistic and had to unfortunately remove his eyes shortly after being born. Leslie needed almost 15 years before he could learn how to walk but took 15 seconds learning Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto no. 1 after first hearing it on television one night. And it was not long when he played everywhere from Scandinavia to Japan and has made appearances on CBS, ABS and 60 minutes.


4 | Jason Padgett


Jason is a newbie in the world of Savant minds, but is allegedly known as one of the only people to walk this earth that can mathematically draw accurate fractals by hand. Like the others who has made it in our list, he was also diagnosed with the savant syndrome. It all happened after he got hit at the back of his head during a mugging years ago. He had synesthesia, a condition where he sees numbers as fractals in regular, everyday situations since then.


3 | Ellen Boudreaux

Ellen Boudreaux

Ellen remembers so many songs by heart that when a newspaper reporter tried to stump her with some obscure jingle, Ellen knew them all. Even if she was blind, she can walk around wuthout running into thing by means of echolocation, or making chirping noises. When she was 8 her mom made her listen to the “time lady” recording in order to overcome her fear of telephones. Since that day though, she has been able to tell the time down to the second without ever having seen a clock in her life.


2 | Daniel Tammet


Daniel is unique in the fact that although he has an amazing savant mind, he is also socially functional. He can speak 10 languages, including one that he made up. His real talent, lies in numbers. He holds the European record for reciting pi up to 22,514 digits . He is a functional savant and can also introspect on his abilities even after explaining that he sees numbers and calculations in his head as landscapes full of shapes and colors.  But his skills don’t come without drawbacks. Within 1 hour of parting ways with a friend, although he would be able to remember the distance between your eyes, how many buttons your shirt had, and everything you said, he wouldn’t recognize your face on the street but its the details that he remembers.


1 | Kim Peek

kim peek

Kim was the true story behind the 1988 film “Rain Man” and is known as the “mega savant”. He was capable of remembering anything it wants to process. When he was a kid, he would often read books, memorize and turn them upside down on the shelf to show if he was done with it. It has been said that he could clearly recall the complete contents of 12,000 books from memory.


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