7 Animals that were thought Mythical

7 Animals that were thought Mythical

What if everything we imagined could come alive? At least that’s what humanity knows about some animals that have not been recognized by a majority of our population. They’re not actually mythical.They are actually more of hidden.Creatures like the Loch Ness Monsters and Big Foot are by far just some of the examples of “cryptids”.  Below are some of the examples of what scientists considered just cryptids before and are now recognized.


7 | Platypus


Combine a duck’s bill and webbed feet and a beaver’s tail together and what do you get? A platypus! A lot of well known and prominent scientists, at first find it one big fat hoax even if they were presented with a corpse.


6 | Devil Bird

spot-bellied eagle owl

This isn’t your typical wide eyed bird. It’s the product of folklore in Sri Lanka, the Devil Bird. For some locals, it was an omen of bad luck and death. It is now recognized as one of the species of owl, specifically the spot-bellied eagle owl.


5 | Tree Kangaroo

Tree kangaroo

Our next used-to-be-known-as-a-mythical creature is known as a legendary tree-dwelling creature and often described as a tiny man covered in thick white black fur by the natives of Indonesia. However in the year of 1994, this animal was called to be a Dingiso ( Bondegezou for the people of Indonesia) or a tree kangaroo by scientists. But to this day, no species of Dingiso is under captivity.


4 | Komodo Dragon

komodo dragon

Take a modern day lizard, stretch it as far as it can, feed it with gazillions of meat and well, you have what we call the Komodo Dragon. A pearl Fisherman went back to an island in indonesia, only to be welcomed with tales of the so-called land crocodiles. And the rest is history. W. Douglas Burden introduced a lizard that stretches to ten feet with fangs that is venomous and claws that can kill any creature.


3 | Sea Serpent

Sea Serpent

Snakes were enough to scare the hell out of me, what more if I was faced with a Sea Serpent? History has records of this frightening aquatic beast  that roamed the waters of Northern Europe to Eastern North America.


2 | Okapi


How awesome would it be if unicorns did exist. At least that’s what Europeans call our next creature. the African Unicorn of Central African tribes find it really bizarre as this creature was a cross between three animals, donkey, giraffe and zebra. Now, the Okapi is recognized as the only living relative of giraffes.


1 | Kraken


Stories of the Legendary Kraken has circulated ever since the early times. And their existence is still under debate. But another creature has emerged, in the name of Giant Squid. Japanese Scientists were able to capture this gigantic squid’s image before it went back to the waters. But then again, it remains to be a big question mark still.


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