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7 Awful Structures in the World

There are infrastructures that is so clever and creative that it makes you wonder how in the world were they able to come up with that concept. But with every marvelous architectural designs there are also several disasters. Majority has approved that these are the 7 awful structures in the world.

7 | The Rock, Wellington International Airport, New Zealand

the rock wellington international airport new zealand

New Zealand’s Wellington International Airport, or dubbed as “the Rock” opened on October 26, 2010 and for some, this deserves a spot in the ugly pages.


6 | La Lavadora, Mexico City

la lavadora mexico city

Set in the heart of Mexico City’s business district, “the washer” or La Lavadora stands out from the rest of the buildings has garnered different reactions from the crowd.


5 | Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea

ryugyong hotel north korea

Dominating the Pyongyang skyline, the Ryugyong Hotel otherwise called as “Hotel of Doom” is known as the “worst building in the history of mankind”. Enough said.


4 | Edificio Mirador, Spain

Edificio Mirador, Spain

The different colors of the building represent the different apartments. With its large hole in the center as the highlight, a majority doesn’t find it appealing to the eyes.


3 | Agbar Tower, Barcelona

Agbar Tower, Barcelona

There are but a few buildings in the world that can be considered a bad idea and this infrastructure in Barcelona Spain is definitely one of them.


2 | Federal Building, San Francisco

Federal Building, San Fransisco

Even if this government building is environment friendly, a lot of locals complain that it’s not friendly to their eyes.



1 | The Millenium Dome, London

The Millenium Dome, London

Architect Richard Rogers’ creative and futuristic tank was on full when he designed the Millennium Dome. It was then opened to the public in 2000 and failed to attract the estimated visitors.


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