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7 Best Movies about Paris

7 Best Movies about Paris

Paris, the city of great love, will always present on the lips of women in love. Paris is the place that the majority of us hope to see, and experience a love story like in the movies. The idea is that you can get there quicker than you think with movies. Here is a list of 7 Paris movies that allow you to daydream, and that you are going to adore. Enjoy!

7  |  The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Yes, this is a cartoon movie, but it takes place in the magical Paris. The creators of the cartoons based them on hundreds of photos taken inParis, and visited the city to ensure that important details would not be let outside. The drawings are extraordinarily beautiful, and you will definitely notice the dramatic details of the French buildings.

6  |  Amelie

This is a quite discussed movie, about a young woman named Amelie, who is naive and innocent. She lives in Paris, and she is trying to help those around her, while finding love in the process. Amelie is a movie not to be missed, and that you will certainly enjoy.

5  |  An American in Paris

This is movie about three friends struggling to cope with Paris. Everything becomes complicated when the two of them fall for the same woman, which brings problems between them. A 1951 movie, this is a romantic musical perfect for a quiet evening.

4  |  French Kiss

Meg Ryan plays a woman that goes toParis, and confronts her fiancé who dumped her for a beautiful young woman. On the way toParis, she meets Luc, a man she uses to have a shoulder to cry on.


3 |  Forget Paris

Billy Crystal and Debra Winger play together in a romantic comedy that takes place in Paris. She plays a sophisticated woman working for an airline. He is an unhappy customer, and so the two get to know each other.

2  |  Before Sunset

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy play the two strangers that meet on a train inVienna, and make a connection. But years go by, their lives change, and they reunite. After nine years, the two meet inParis, and so they have the chance to know each other better.

1  |  Midnight in Paris

This is a magical movie about Paris that takes you from one period to another. Gil (Owen Wilson) travels with his fiancée toParis, the city he is in love with, while she hates it. This is a Woody Allen movie that won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 2012. A story that shows the romantic and artisticParisand that will take you through different interesting characters.


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