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7 Biggest Mysteries in History

It is part of our being human to be naturally curious of the world around us. And with this article, you’re about to find out some of the greatest mysteries both known and unknown to men. While some only made it to the list because if infamy, some are plain baffling and interesting so read on.


7 | Spontaneous Combustion

spontaneous human combustion

Spontaneous combustion or the unexplained ignition of living human tissues have been recorded since the early times but due to lack of needed evidence, not a single conclusive research was done on the issue. According to some, however, explanations include static electricity, raised levels of alcohol in the blood and concentrated gas.


6 | Bermuda Triangle

bermuda triangle

The Bermuda Triangle, an area of water found between Puerto Rico and Florida, is responsible for unexplained records of disappearance of both ships and aircraft. Over the many years, explanations have pointed bad weather conditions, methane gas bubbles and variations in electromagnetic activity for all the mysterious disappearances.


5 | Tunguska Explosion

tunguska explosion

A blazing fireball descended from the sky and devastated an area in Tunguska, Siberia half the size of Rhode Island in the year 1908. The explosion was estimated to be equal to more than 2,000 of Hiroshima-type atomic bombs. Even if scientists put it forward as a meteor for many years, the lack of evidence has led to numerous speculations ranging from UFO’s to Tesla Coils. And until to day, no one knows for sure as to what caused the said explosion.


4 | Loch Ness Monster

loch ness monster

A large, deep freshwater lock has been roaming the waters of the Scottish Highlands in the name of the Loch Ness Monster. People have reported sightings of this fairly large cryptid for centuries that later was affectionately called “Nessie”. However, photographs, data and video footage are never clear enough to verify its existence. So that explains why up to now, it still has remained as one of the most famous mysteries and examples of cryptozoology in history.s


3 | Marfa Lights

 marfa lights

On Mitchell Flat, east of Marfa, Texas, unexplained series of lights have been reported appearing for most of the century. They are described as having the size of a basketball floating in air at shoulder height and moving in different rapid directions. Sightings are rare but there is a fair amount of video and photographic evidence. But for skeptics, they attribute it to traffic that happens on US Route 67 and electric byproducts of quartz mining that’s happening around the area.


2 | Jack the Ripper

jack the ripper

Jack the Ripper’s name was taken from a said letter that he sent to a local paper. He was a serial killer who has terrorized most of London’s East End. The committed murders were gruesome and  pretty much involved the dismemberment of the prostitutes. Despite the modern methods done by the police and investigators, up until this very day, no one has a clue who the ripper was.


1 | The Mary Celeste

the mary celeste

Mary Celeste departed New York on November 7, 1872 with Captain Briggs, his wife and young daughter and 8 crew. They were expected to dock in Italy but no one on board was ever seen again. The ship was found floating with no signs of struggle along the Strait of Gibraltar. According to investigation, everything was intact except for the missing Captain’s log.



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