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7 Bizarre Ways to Live Longer

The thought of living this world is depressing. Especially if you have made ties with all sorts of things around you. You probably have a mission to accomplish that’s why you stumbled upon reading an article that can suggest ways for you to live a little bit longer. Throughout the history of mankind, we have been consistently trying to find ways and means to extend our lifetime. Some may come off as strange and some may be pleasing. Read on and be amazed!


7 | Learn a Foreign Language



Studies suggest that learning a foreign language actually combats Alzheimer’s disease and other aging-related sickness.


6 | Be Nocturnal




The idea of being nocturnal is starting to sound good. Another recent study has proven that those who sleep less than eight hours every night actually lives longer than those who sleeps for eight hours or more.


5 | Starve yourself



I get scolded for starving myself because I want to lose weight. And according to my mom, you won’t get anything out of starvation. I guess she’s wrong. Starving yourself or going on a calorie-restricted diet actually increases your chances of living longer. But then you have to live knowing you can’t gobble up your favorite treats.


4 | Munch on Chocolates




Good news! Eating chocolates is one way too! According to a research conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, chocolate contains chemicals that can protect the heart from certain types of diseases. So people who consumes chocolate in moderation actually lives longer than those who don’t eat sweets at all.


3 | Get Rich



If you think breaking free from all your possessions and sticking to the simpler life could help, it doesn’t! In the richer countries, people who are wealthy are most likely to live longer because they have enough money for their treatments and health care compared to a country whose government doesn’t have enough funds to sustain the public’s health maintenance.


2 | Have a house pet



Get for yourself  a house pet. This isn’t strange or anything because as far as everyone knows, a family that has pets are less stressed. A pet can help in easing your anxieties and depression, which causes some of the problems in our bodies.


1 | Do good to others


Do good things in this world. It has been said that the only way you can help other is when you help yourself first. Doing good to others will have an effect in your life. Surround yourself with people that matters to you even when you age as this can help lengthen your stay here on earth a little bit longer.


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