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7 Cool iPhone Apps

Apple’s iPhone remains one of the most wanted gadgets on the market. AppStore is the source of Apple’s gadgets, including iPhone. In 2011 the coolest application launched for iPhone was Siri, but users turned their attention to socialization platforms and games too. Productivity applications are also favorites, but their popularity is pretty low as opposed to Facebook or Foursquare. An exact top favorite apps is impossible to be put together, however in 2011, iPhone owners were delighted by the following applications:

7  |  Lose it!

As increasingly more individuals are facing obesity, it is normal that an app such as Lose it! to become popular. This application tells the user exact information about burned calories and keeps an alimentation history. Because the results depend on how you are living your life from a physical point of view, Lose it! has a special section keeping track of the effort that you make.

6  |  Camera+

Developed by a professional photographer, Camera+ comes with an extended set of facilities from the preinstalled camera software: flurry photo, image stabilizer, and timer are just a few of them. After capturing photos you have available a lot of editing tools: crop, digital effects, photo frames, etc.

5  |  Word Lens

This is an application based on augmented reality. With the help of the iPhone camera you can translate different signs that you find on the street, so when you travel in a country where you do not speak the local language, you can manage conversations easier.

4  |  Cut the Rope

Angry Birds dominated the 2010, but in 2011 it gave up its place for a less addictive game, but according to some users more logical and well thought out: Cut the Rope. This is a puzzle game, and like in chess, you have to predict the future moves before you act. In this case you have to cut the ropes in such a way that the candy gets into Om Nom’s mouth.

3  |  Around Me

With this application you can find points of interest around you: restaurants, ATM’s, gas stations, hospitals, shops, hotels and a lot more.


2  |  Weather Channel

Apparently the preinstalled weather application does not appeal to the users, and that is why most of them are using the Weather Channel app, offering alternative weather warnings, long term prognosis, and a lot more information about weather.

1  |  WhatsApp Messenger

This is one of the most appreciated instant messaging platforms, and not only by iPhone users, but also by other smartphone users (Android, BlackBerry, Symbian). The application allows you to chat with all users no matter what operating system they are using.


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