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7 Countries Involved in Space Exploration

Space explorations started in the fifties, and at that time the only countries involved in this expensive endeavor were the United States and Russia. However, in the past six decades, more and more nations decided to give the field a try, and started a space program. Today there are plenty of states involved in space exploration, and therefore there are more and more space agencies on the map of this extensive endeavor. Here are 7 of them.


7| Romania – ROSA

romanian space agency

Established in 1991, and reorganized in 1995, The Romanian Space Agency ROSA acts as an independent institution coordinating space activities. ROSA’s efforts take place under the auspices of the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport. Among the missions allocated to ROSA are important endeavors promoting international cooperation in the name of the Romanian Government. ROSA leads and promotes the Romanian efforts in the field of space exploration, and was endowed with the ability to establish research and development centers. ROSA participates in several joint missions with ESA.



6| Italy – ISA

italian space agency

The Italian Space Agency was established in 1988. ISA participated in NASA missions such as Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and the mission Dawn to a couple of asteroids.


5| Europe – ESA

European Space Agency

The European Space Agency is probably the biggest space agency at the moment after NASA, and that has already deployed several missions, some of them in cooperation with NASA itself. ESA was established in 1975 and it has as members the European Union states.


4| Japan – JAXA

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA is even a younger agency, established just nine years ago, in 2003. JAXA looks very promising at the moment, although not as aggressive as its Chinese counterpart.



3| China – China National Space Administration

chinese national space administration

China is a new actor on the stage of space exploration. The China National Space Administration was only established in 1993, but China is slowly becoming one of the strongest powers in space, promising to land on the Moon in just a few years, and planning already a future mission to Mars. If there is a chance for a new Space Race to occur in the future, China would be the new competitor of the US.


2| Russia – The Russian Federal Space Agency

Russian Federal Space Agency

Although the Russian Federal Space Agency was only established in 1992, Russia was the only other nation than the United States participating in space endeavors since the Fifties. Let us not forget the impact of the first ever satellite in orbit, the Russian Sputnik, as well as many other firsts obtained by the Russians during the Space Race with the US.




Needless to say that NASA still holds the leader position in the field of space exploration. Established in 1958 as a means to strengthen national security, NASA was involved in the space race with Russia for over three decades, bringing the most significant contribution in the field for the entire mankind.



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