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7 Crazy Facts About Sleep

Sleep is a very important factor in our health and well being. It helps our brain function properly throughout the day. According to research, a good night sleep improves learning while deprivation from it can alter some parts of the brain. All in all, it becomes an essential part of life like breathing and eating. Here, we’ll dish out 7 crazy facts about sleep you may already know, want to know and should know.

7 | Live More, Sleep Less


live more sleep less

Studies have it that for people having 6-7 hours of sleep every night is most likely to live longer than those who sleep 8 hours or more. And people who sleep more than 9 hours a day are most likely to develop Parkinson’s disease.


6 | Sleep on it

SLEEP This catchphrase really makes a difference. Our memory are strengthened by sleep. It is one of the factors that affect how we extract information during the days because the brain categorizes it which means people do better tasks after they have gone to sleep.

5 | Fear of Sleep

fear of sleep

Somniphobia is what is known as the fear of sleeping. This is very hard for people who has this type of phobia considering the fact that sleep is very important.

4 | Wake up!

awake_at_night Ever wonder why all of a sudden, in the middle of the night, you suddenly wake up for no apparent reason or whatsoever? That’s because an average person wakes up for about six times every night.

3 | Dream on!

sleeping and dreaming

If you happen to see familiar faces in your dream here’s the answer. According to studies, you only dream of things which you have seen. So in reality, you have seen those faces but you just don’t know where.


2 | Sleep deprived?

sleep deprived

Does it take you less than five minutes before you drift off to sleep? Then you, my friend is sleep deprived. It is known that the ideal amount of time for a human being to fall asleep is 10 minutes.


1 | Years of Sleep

facts about sleep

Did you know that when you die, you are most likely to sleep though 1/3 of your lifetime? For an average person that’s approximately 25 years.


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