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7 Dangerous Dog Breeds

Underneath the cuteness overload, dogs have a tendency to be fierce. Below are some of the deceptively dangerous mutts.

7 | Chow Chow

chow chow

I know Chow Chows are very cute and cuddly but that doesn’t exempt them from the list. They are by nature, aggressive and gets annoyed easily all that because of limited eye vision. When it comes to relationship to their masters, they’re very loyal but very suspicious when it comes to strangers.


6 | Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniel

Known for their rage syndrome, you would find it hard to believe that a Cocker Spaniel could attack at anytime. They are by far one of the most extreme and borderline sensitive breeds.


5 | Dalmatians


People were well fascinated with Dalmatians when the hit movie 101 Dalmatians was released. Dalmatians were once considered as firehouse dogs. They are not advised to be kept as pets in a home that has children. Once they do not get sufficient exercise, they have a tendency to be destructive.


4 | Beagle


I’m pretty sure you’ve seen Under Dog, where the main character, shoe shine became you’re not-so average super hero. Shoe Shine was a Beagle and Beagles have a reputation for not acting appropriately at times. They are very hard to train and has a habit of biting. However, if they are disciplined, they are  one great house pets.


3 | Shar Pei


Being a resident of China, the Shar Pei with its wrinkly appearance, has some serious temperament issues. This is probably due to the fact they are dog fighters.


2 | Jack Russell Terrier

Jack russell terrier

Known as a working dog, Jack Russell Terriers are very sturdy dogs and it was just recently that people took them as house pets. They have sharp jaws and some temperament issues as well and can be very dangerous once they do not get the attention they want or when they get bored.


1 | Chihuahua


Who would ever suspect that a tiny dog like a Chihuahua could be very dangerous? They only stick to one master to the point of obsession and it is highly recommended not owning one if you have children. They are very vicious even with dogs twice or thrice their size. The key to this is that, owners must be very vigilant and demand respect whenever they get out of hand.


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