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7 Deadly Sins

Christianity talks about deadly sins in various circumstances. Nowadays, most of these have been forgotten. However it is important to remind each others, once a while, about these sins and how they can affect our daily life and behavior. Here are seven deadly sins that are worth keeping in mind at all times:

7 |   Pride



Pride is a mortal sin that made the Fallen Angel fall, and then transformed him into a demon. From light he became dark. From pride is born vainglory, pride, hypocrisy, megalomania, arrogance, arrogance, pride, shamelessness, dishonor and other similar feature. Two sisters born of pride are arrogance and shamelessness.


6 |   Envy


Envy is a mortal sin, and from it ten branches are born: plot, anger, enmity, strife, discontent, taking into laughter, the joy of another’s evil, hatred, remembering malice, and killing. Envy is the passion of a worsen soul, tormented by the good of the neighbor and good deeds.


5 |   Love for money


The love for money is the root of all evil, as related by the Apostle Paul, and it arises because of perjury, greed, lying, ruthlessness, deceit, injustice, theft, mocking the holy usury, and idolatry.


4 |   Fornication



Fornication is a mortal sin, forbidden also by the Ten Commandments of God. From this sin is born: sodomy, corruption, violence, bestiality, adultery, and not fearing God. All these are the fruits of adultery.


3 |   Gluttony


Gluttony is the deadly sin from which is born: waste, illegality, false oath, drunkenness, stealing, sensuality, kidnapping, flattery, and shamelessness. All these are the result of greed and gluttony.


2 |   Sloth


Sloth is the deadly sin followed by despair, laziness, carelessness, negligence, impiety, and disbelief, weakness, convicting and deferring others. The one ruled by sloth hates the present, and wants things he does not have.


1 |   Anger




Anger is the mortal sin from which are born the madness, blasphemy, cruelty, disorder, fear of the body, shame, irritation, stupidity, changing body, murder and more. All these are the fruits of wrath and irritation. Everything that people ruled by anger do is blind, foolish, and unfortunate.


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