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7 Expensive Gifts for Women

It’s the Holiday Season once again and Christmas is just around the corner. What better way to make the lady of your life feel extra special than by giving her something she would remember you by. Here is a round up of fun and popular gifts if only money was not an issue.


7 | Flowers

expensive exotic orchid

Flowers make lovely gifts especially if they are a bouquet of rare and exotic orchids. With that, a bouquet of new species of rare orchids were developed over eight long years by a group of Chinese scientists and was purchased and auctioned as a gift for about $200,000 US.


6 | Chocolates

cadbury wispa gold chocolate bar

Who doesn’t love receiving chocolates as gifts? Nothing beats the sweet gesture of giving chocolates as gifts for Christmas. Cadbury’s Special Edition caramel-filled Wispa Gold Bar will suit any women’s taste. With its edible gold-leaf and gold wrapper packaging, this chocolate bar retails for about $1600 U.S. and is named as the world’s most expensive chocolate bar and is sold at Selfridges, London.


5 | Jewelry

tiffany & co.

Giving women jewelry is always a delight to the recipient. With a wide variety to choose from, your options are endless. But if you’re looking for one that carries an elegant line of gold charm bracelets and adorable charms, Tiffany & Co. is your bet. Some of their jewelry like the lovely selection of diamond encrusted bangles, retails for a modest $2000 US.


4 | Perfume

Clive Imperial Majesty Perfume

If you’re full on your budget, then you might want to combine perfume and jewelry as a gift with Clive Christian Imperial Majesty Perfume for Women. This is a limited edition Clive Christian Signature scent and retails for $240,000 that comes in a hand-crafted diamond encrusted Baccarat crystal bottle.


3 | Shoes

louis vuitton pink luxury shoes

It has been said that with the right shoes, a girl can conquer the world. And any girl would want to have the right pair on her soles. With its flattened avant-garde bow, this pair of heels from Louis Vuitton is perfect for a holiday party or any other night out for that matter. This pink lovable shoes is probably affordable to some with its $1005 U.S. price tag.


2 | Wallet


This small taupe Alligator Cooper Medium clutch, by all-American designer Ralph Lauren, is meticulously crafted from nothing but the finest hand-selected American alligator and costs about $3195 U.S. This is one luxurious item so feel free to clean out your bank account for this wallet.


1 | Undergarment

Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra

The Fantasy Bra is the embodiment of the Victoria’s Secret Angels with its dazzling Angel’s wing design. The bra features white diamonds in 18K white gold weighing 112 carats. This once-in-a-lifetime piece has a centerpiece of a stunning 70 carat pear shaped flawless diamonds and costs about $10 million U.S.



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