7 Facts about Christmas

7 Facts about Christmas

No other events can affect our lives as much as this festive season does. If by any chance, Grinch did manage to steal Christmas, it would have caused massive international disruption and might even have a domino effect off apocalyptic proportions. But setting those aside, since we are in one with the Holiday Season, we present to you 7 facts you probably didn’t know about Christmas.


7 | The 25th

 December 25

Truth be told, the Bible has never mentioned when Jesus was born. It was only in the fourth century that the Catholic Church decided to give recognition to Jesus’ birth in the name of the Feast of Nativity during the 25th of December.


6 | Christmas Banned

christmas banned

The Act of Parliament in 1644 has declared that Christmas is illegal in England and this is all because the celebration was associated with revelry and merrymaking. This has paved the way for conflict and when the Puritans left for the New World, they brought with them their utter distaste for Christmas.


5 | Letters to Santa

 letters to santa

Every year North Pole, Alaska gets hundreds of thousands of letters from children all over the world. Volunteers from the small town of 1,600 make an effort to reply to every letter that has a return address.


4 | The Upside Down Christmas Trees

upside down christmas tree

Originally only used in department stores to increase floor space, consumers (as usual) decided they like the idea and took it home with them. It’s not the first time in history that people have decorated with inverted Christmas Trees, however. As early as the 12th century, Central Europeans would hang trees from the ceiling to represent the Holy Trinity.


3 | St. Nick

 st. nicolas

Also known as Santa Claus, St. Nick is based on the early Church Bishop Saint Nicholas who was born around 270 AD in the small Turkish village of Patara. He was know for being especially generous to the poor and his legend has since led to many different variants of St. Nick across cultures and time periods.


2 | 12 Days of Christmas

 12 days of christmas

Next time you get a chance to listen to the 12 Days of Christmas try to count all of gifts that are exchanged. If you do it right you’ll notice that there are 364 in total, one for each day of the year. Were you to put all of these gifts under the tree it would cost you $18,348.87 according to PNC Financial Services.


1 | Largest Gift


In 1886 the United States became the recipient of the largest Christmas present in history when France presented it with the Statue of Liberty – 225 tons and 46.5 meters high



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