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7 Famous Myths Exposed

By the time we reach adulthood, we already every popular myth there is. For a majority of us, common knowledge are no more than the myths and urban legends we are told and hear everyday. But then there are some famous myths and facts explained and exposed that some of us still didn’t know up until now. Here are 7 of them.


7 | Dogs Sweat Through their tongues.

dog panting

Dogs do not sweat through their tongues. When they get worked up, they pant. And panting is not to be confused with sweating. Dogs have a few sweat glands and they are mostly found in their foot pads. They keep themselves cool by breathing and panting using the moist lining found in their lungs.


6 | Bats are Blind


In the contrary, bats can actually see even better than we do. While they can’t see the colors in detail, they do know where they’re going.


5 | Sushi is Raw Fish


Raw fish may be the most popular variety of sushi, but it doesn’t mean there are no several other types. As the matter of fact, sushi is actually a rice vinegar. Whereas  sashimi is the raw fish. It is usually topped with dried seaweeds and other vegetables.


4 | Digesting a Chewing Gum will Stay in your Stomach Forever.

chewing gum

It’s true that it won’t digest easily but it doesn’t mean it will stay in your stomach for the time being. It will eventually come out with everything else you eat.


3 | Cutting an earthworm in half will regenerate into Two Earthworms


Earthworms do regenerate but they will most definitely not split into two new earthworms. Even a 5th grader knows that when they are cut into half, the front part of the worm lives while the back dies. Regeneration takes place when the worm replaces the lost part of its body.


2 | Tomatoes are vegetables


They are still called fruit but according to the Supreme Court, it is a vegetable in the botanical and agricultural sense. They classified it under the vegetables category for taxation purposes.


1 | Drinking 8 glasses of water every day


This has been a very popular advise for all of us most especially if you’re in a dry area. However, this should not be regarded as a rule to follow. No one is entirely sure where this originated but remember, if you find yourself thirsty, DRINK.



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