7 Food Stuff For Your Skin

7 Food Stuff For Your Skin

Wanting to be pretty shouldn’t be a big of a deal now, is it? As far as anyone who wants to take the beauty trip knows, looking physically attractive is becoming as important as breathing in oxygen. We now live in a world where looks matter and that it is something we are judged for. So what do we do? We rise to the challenge and look for ways to be prettier. Here, we’ve rounded up some food that can pretty much help your skin achieve that beautiful glow.


7 | Load up on Vitamin C



Overexposure under the sun could lead to aging of the skin which means minus points on the beauty meter. Studies has it that fruits rich in Vitamin C like oranges can help in fighting off those bad radicals in our skin.


6 | Green Tea



Antioxidants too are great when it comes to protecting your skin against the harmful effects of the sun. Load up on Green tea as they are a perfect source of antioxidants that not only protects the skin but promotes healthy metabolism.


5 | Tomatoes



Because beauty is skin deep, might as well protect what’s underneath. Tomatoes, which contains lycopene, fiber and Vitamin A, can regenerate and maintain skin cells healthy.


4 | Salmon

Considered as one of the super foods, Salmon, contains omega-3 fatty acids that helps in improving your skin’s health and problems and at the same time reduce the inflammation in your skin.


3 | Pumpkin Seeds



Pumpkin seeds are great sources of Vitamin E and antioxidants. They help in reducing acne and other skin problems. vitamin E is also a proven to slow down skin aging and rejuvenates your skin making you look younger. Also, they aid in keeping your skin smooth and gives extra shine to your hair.


2 | Yogurt

Not only is Yogurt delicious, they actually help in regulating our skin’s pH balance which results to a radiant and more glowing skin.


1 | Sea Food



Sea food like oysters and fish can actually work magic on our skin. They contain nutrients that are good for our complexion. What’s more they help in fighting off acne and eliminating dead skin cells.

More importantly, stay away from alcohol, too much caffeine and prolonged sun exposure as these are some of the common causes as to why our skin are ages fast and looses its glow.


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