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7 Funny and Weird New Year’s Resolutions

We’ve bid our last goodbye to 2012 a few days ago and is now embracing the new year with a positive outlook. A long list of Resolutions always go hand in hand with the celebration of the new year. They are pretty popular because they help us determine the things we have to accomplish during the year. While some of them seem achievable, others are not so real and crosses the line between unreal and really weird. We’ve scoured the world wide web for some of those. Take a look at them!


7 | Break Food Records

break food records

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen food shows where they gather certain people eating monster-size burgers and other restaurant specialties in exchange for their name to be written the restaurant’s hall of fame prized eaters. So why not give yourself a name and try breaking a local, national or even a world foodie record.


6 | Break World Records

break a world record

While you’re at it, why not go all the way and become a world record holder? With all sorts of interesting things to do like cooking most spiders in the world’s largest frying pan or spending the most time in the rain, you’ll pretty much have your name go down in the history of Guinness Book of World Records in no time.


5 | Get Better Service


Wealthy people buy luxury cars, resorts, castles and make little kingdoms of their own with their money. With their pay check, they don’t need to make a list of New Year’s resolutions to do so. But did you know that one wealthy business man made sure that his resolution for this year is to bring a personal waiter for himself whenever he goes to different restaurants just to ensure better service?


4 | Learn Unusual Skills or Facts

unusual skills

Learning unusual or maybe even useless skills or facts can strike up a conversation on your next dinner party. This may seem really odd but at the same time, it can actually help you burn some time especially have anything better to do.


3 | Stay on the Dark Side


For 2013, switch to an edgier you by shopping for darker toned wardrobe and nothing else. Resist the urge to wear fashionable prints, patterns, colors and cuts. Stock up on black or gray colored ensembles and casual wear. Dark tones will relieve you from the pressure of matching everything plus save you from the cost of dry cleaning.


2 | Go Green

going green

This doesn’t even make it as weird because in recent years and until now this is becomes more and more mainstream. Living green and ditching fast food fore healthier and organic choices is very popular due to obesity problems, but one guy in the name of Colin Beaven went too far. He decided to eat food produced in radius within 100 miles. You know where it becomes weird? He lives in New York.


1 | Exotic Palette

deer penis wine

“Weird Meat” owner, Jeff, decided to taste as many weird meats as possible as his New Year’s resolution. From exotic Insects and other delicacies from Asia and Oceania, he doesn’t consider them as challenging. Instead raw yak, ostrich sandwiches and deer penis wine are on his list.


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