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7 Google Products You Never Heard About

Google has the habit of starting to produce another app as soon as they launch one. This is how Google ended up with lots of applications, although some of them are not too useful, but rather bizarre. The fact is that consumers never heard of most of them, and there are very few applications that are used to their full potential. However, if you search for application, you must be surprised by the number of apps available, and especially by the fact that most of them may be of no use whatsoever. Here is a top seven most unheard and unused of Google apps.

7  |  Google Health

This is a product in which Google placed its hopes. This was meant to be a product through which consumers could monitor their personal information about health. However, Google decided to shut down this app by the beginning of next year, as it is not popular enough.

6  |  Google Takeout

This is a service that allows users to archive their personal data. You can archive Google+ data, Picassa Web albums, or even the contact list. It sounds useful, despite the fact that almost nobody uses it.

5 |  Google SketchUp

This is a service that offers the possibility of making 3D sketches for various scopes.

4  |  Google Correlate

This application works as a microscope function: the user can sample data which can later be compared.

3  |  Google HotPot

This is a platform that hosts recommendations and presentations of different services. This product competes with an army of alternative applications, and therefore it has been unsuccessful so far.

2  |  Google Sites

This is a portal that allows groups to publish articles made accessible only to the group members. Unfortunately for Google, this product has a lot of alternatives; one of them is Google’s+ Circles option. Before Google+, Google sites was probably the most used application from this list. However, it has fallen behind considerably.

1  |  Google Mars

This is the not so popular twin brother of Google Earth. This product comes with infrared option, and allows you to see in detail any aspect on Mars. A similar application is Google Moon, with the same features.


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