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7 Interesting Fashion Facts

Fashion has been an important part of our life just like the air we breathe and the food we eat. It’s something we just cannot do without, especially us, ladies. We watch as models strut the latest trends on the runway and pose for the front cover of magazines and wished we had their wardrobe. You may know all the designer brands and people behind it. But do you really know some of interesting facts and secrets there is in the world of fashion? If not, here you go!

7  | Dolls as Models

Designers from back then up to the 19th Century did not use models as means of presenting their creations and designs to their clients. Instead, they used little dolls. That explains it!


6  |  Jewelry on Men

Women of the modern era couldn’t seem to step outside the house without jewelry. But did you know it was the men who first started to wear them? It was to impose their status in the society and victory in the battle.

5  | Short hair = Unfaithful Wife

It seems pretty ordinary if we spot ladies, teens and kids nowadays with short hair. It’s of no big deal. However long time ago, once you sport a short hair, it only means one thing. You are an unfaithful wife.

4  | Handkerchief Bust Support

Another interesting fact, the first bust support patented was made out of handkerchief. A New York socialite in the name of Mary Phelps gave birth to bras. And with this, women started to create and reinvent different sizes for everyone.


3  | No Eyebrows Trend


Picture yourself without eyebrows. You’ll feel absolutely weird right? Check out Mona Lisa. She doesn’t have eyebrows. That’s because people from the renaissance period shaved their eyebrows off as part of their fashion.

2  | Inmates Hipster Style

Nowadays, teens and “hip-hoppers” particularly guys love to wear baggy pants! But hey, did you know this kind of style originated from the inmates of Los Angeles Prison? They were not allowed to wear belts so that explains the hanging style of jeans.


1  | Call it Vintage

Finally, some clarification has been given. A clothing would only be called vintage if it dates back from the years 1920-1960.  Any piece of clothing after those years are not considered vintage but retro.


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