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7 Life-changing Inventions

There are so many things around us that we take for granted but make our lifestyle easier. Could you go on a day without checking your emails or send messages on your mobile phone? Things would have been way different without their existence in our day to day living. No matter how much we try to avoid it, we can’t seem to get away with technology. Read on to find 7 of the life-changing inventions out there.


7 | Calculator


No need for an introduction as everybody knows the importance of this device in our lives. The first ever calculator was invented in the 1960s and the pocket version was made available in the 1970s. Students, merchants, employees, scientists you name it! Everyone carries with them a calculator these days and even mobile phones have a calculator application installed in them.


6 | Radio

Old radio

Guglielmo Marconi, a Russian and Italian Irish Inventor, saw a potential in this invention when they first sent and received radio waves. He sent the first transatlantic radio message in the year 1901 and since then, radios became an integral part of our daily lives. From listening to the news, baseball matches and music even with the invention of the television, it has not affected its significance.


5 | Refrigerator


This technology has been tagged as the greatest kitchen convenience in history. Before refrigerators were born people used ice houses to provide cool storage for food. The first fridge used widespread was by the General Electric “Monitor Top” refrigerator that was introduced in the year 1927.


4 | Air Crafts


How can one travel 7000 kilometers in 8 hours? Flying of course! We could all give our big thanks to The Wright Brothers for developing the three-axis control system with the incorporation of a movable rudder on their 1902 Glider. The glider was the basis for their patented control system still used on modern fixed-wing aircraft.


3 | Telephones


The first ever working phone was invented bu Alexander Graham in the 1870s. To this day, there has been over 1.3 billion phone lines being used all over the world. The modern telephone network consists of a worldwide network of telephone lines, cellular networks, fiber optic cables, communications satellites and undersea telephone cables that are interconnected by switching centers, allowing any telephone in the world to communicate with one another.


2 | Computers

old computer

Computers have changed our lives in so many ways. From landing on the moon to simply browsing the web, none of it would have been possible without them. In fact, it’s hard to think of any aspect of life that has not been improved by computers. They are able to make complicated mathematical calculations at an incredible rate of speed and when they operate under the instructions of skilled programmers, they can accomplish amazing things.


1 | Electricity


Probably one of the single most important things in our lives, if the power of electricity had never been harnessed we wouldn’t have even a fraction of what we have in the world today. No TV’s, no microwave ovens, no computers, no air conditioning, no everything. Every single life-changing invention still owe it to Electricity.


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