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7 Most Expensive Things in the World

Let’s say you won the jackpot prize in a lottery. How would you spend it? Buy cars? Travel around the world? Here is a list of 7 most expensive things in the world just in case you need ideas where to spend your winnings on.


7 | The Extravagant Burger

expensive burger

These delicious yet expensive hamburgers priced at $295 each are sold in New York City at a restaurant called “Serendipity 3″. What makes it “extravagant” is the fact that it is held together by a solid gold diamond encrusted toothpick.


6 | Charles Hollander Chess Set

charles hollander chess set

These luxury chess sets at $600,000 are made of 320 carats of black and white diamonds. It’s that expensive that only 7 of these were crafted. Rumor has it that another set, known to be as the Jewel Royale is the most expensive in the world at a whopping $9.8 million. Though it remains nothing more than a concept and was never created in the first place.


5 | Manhattan Parking Spot

expensive parking lot

This million dollar parking spot situated in an eight story luxury condominium building downtown Manhattan is said to be worth 6 times more than the price of a single family house.


4 | The History Supreme Yacht

history supreme yacht

If you’re planning to get a yacht like this for your next vacation getaway, don’t bother. This $4.8 billion dollar super yacht is already owned by an anonymous Malaysian business man. It’s so expensive that it hurts because it’s made with over 100,000 kilos of gold and adorned with T-rex bones and miniature meteorites.



3 | The PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition Television

PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition television

A television designed to make viewing a pleasure even when it’s turned off goes by the name PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition television and is priced at $2.3 million. It is made of hand sewn alligator skin with diamond studs.


2 | Extinct Huia Bird Feather

Extinct Huia Bird feather

Who would have known that a single feather from an extinct Huia Bird went as high as $10,000 at an auction in New Zealand.


1 | Domain name domain name

Quinstreet is a California based marketing firm who bought the domain name last 2009. They went down in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most expensive domain name ever at $16 million.


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