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7 Most Stressful Jobs in 2012

No less than 40 percent of Americans claim their job is extremely stressful. But, of course, some jobs are more demanding psychically than others. Stress level at work is directly proportional to the level of control over events. Based on the level of risk, deadlines, physical demand or hostile working conditions, here are the 7 most stressful jobs in 2012.

7  |  Director of Public Relations

Average annual income: $91,810

Although they are well paid, PR executives have one of the most unpleasant positions: they are always pressured by customers to get more exposure in order to justify the money received, while the people they talk to about their customers (such as journalists) are not always happy to hear about them. PR executives can never enjoy peace, because they have very little control over events. Even if you have just got a success, another customer may have an emergency to be solved right away.


6  |  Event Coordinator

Average annual income: $45,260

The job seems to embody perfection, as the day passes while choosing materials or tissues, and your office is located in the most interesting cafes, or the most impressive events rooms, because the perfect place for a client must be chosen. But it does not all come down to setting pleasant details, because most consumers are extremely annoying, be it the bride obsessed with details, or managers used to have everything under control. Whether for a wedding or a corporate event, it is an important day for the client, and the coordinator of events should lead all the way without blemish.


5  |  Police officer

Average annual income: $ 53,540

Police are constantly confronted with situations out of control. Not only that they have to meet the requests of their superiors, as well as the public’s opinion for any offense, but often are involved in dangerous chases or shootouts. Furthermore, police officers must take vital decisions in a very short time. A bad shot or an innocent man may end their career, and can put them on the local news front page. Because of the numerous events taking place in theU.S.and the stress involved, police retire early and receive high salaries.


4  |  Army General

Average annual income: $ 196,300

This function is the best paid, and in many cases an army general may be better paid than the general manager of a private company. Although no longer on the war front, they are exposed to a high level of stress, as the lives of thousands of people is literally in their hands. When deciding to move a group of people from one place to another, they put their lives in danger. Army generals make decisions of life and death, which is extremely stressful.


3  |  Airline pilot

Average annual income: $ 103,210

Many children want to be pilots when they grow up. But there are many shortcomings, beyond the fascination of flying through the clouds and feel the sun closer. Pilots work extended hours and must face various weather conditions. Pilots have many responsibilities, from mechanical failures and up to terrorism threats. Finally, they are responsible for passengers’ safety, which makes this job one of the most stressful activities.


2  |  Fireman

Average annual income: $ 45,250

For firefighters, there are occasional dangerous situations, but every phone call involves some risks. Firefighters rush to buildings engulfed by flames and smoke, while other people try to flee far away. For people trapped in a burning building, it is probably the most dangerous day of their life, but for a firefighter this is just another day of work. They face life and death situations each moment at work, and therefore it takes an exceptional man to be a firefighter. However, the satisfaction of saving a person’s life is unparalleled, and the Americans know how to appreciate the services of firefighters.


1  |  Professional military

Average annual income: $ 35,580

It can be expected that the soldiers lead the most stressful jobs list, especially in a country like theU.S., for which every day people are on the war front. Working conditions are extremely difficult, both physically and mentally, facing hostile environments, especially when locals do not want foreign troops on their land. They encounter dangerous situations that strike at every step, and have unhappy memories that must deal with for their entire life. Even worse, unlike other professionals on the list, soldiers do not come home every night to their family. War is the most stressful situation faced by an employee, and the soldiers are on duty even when they are not on duty.


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