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7 Odd Jobs Around the World

In the spirit of Labor day, we give importance and honor to the hardworking men and women of our country. They work day in and day out for their families and that is no joke. 
While some of us are busy trying to get a coveted position at a company, has it ever occurred to you that not all jobs require suits and briefcases? Yes. They are the so-called “Odd jobs” and well, some still take this kind of job seriously. After all, they get paid doing it, what is there to lose? There are loads of really odd jobs out there, (some you can even start doing on your own!) but we’ve managed to whip up 7 of them.


7 | Roadkill Sweeper

dead birds roadkill

Just when you thought shoveling dead animal’s corpses off the roads and into your pick up truck seems fun and pretty easy enough, think again. Well, for one, they are dead so you would have to expect they do smell bad.


6 | Worm Picker

worm picker

For a price of 4 cents per worm, all you have to do is dig up the fields across the Canadian Farm for this wiggling bait and stuff them onto a cup. The best time to catch these crawlers is normally in the dark during the rain.


5 | Chicken Sexer

chicken sexer

This job would absolutely guarantee you will be surrounded by “hot chicks”.  This job requires to discern whether new hatchlings are male or female. For the females, they go off to the egg production and as for the males, they are left for breeding purposes. Seems easy ei? well, here’s the catch, at the time the chickens were hatched, their reproductive organs are inside. That’s exactly you need to be really trained to do this since you will spend the entire day, looking up those chicken’s behinds.


4 | Forest Fire Lookout

forest fire lookout

Yes, there is someone assigned to do this. This job entails someone to sit atop a tower in watch for probable chances of a forest fire. This could mean years of lonely work which is best suited for people of solitary type. The forest service usually hires newly weds for the job plus they give out health benefits. Think about it, this could be the best opportunity to write the greatest American Novel of all time.


3 | Finder


This job can be very challenging but fun. I mean, you can go ahead and ask this man from Oklahoma City who makes a living by finding rare and unusual stuff for his clients. The company goes under the name “Finders Keepers Inc.” and according to the founder, “he has a knack for finding things with uncanny facility. Suddenly it dawned on me that I could capitalize on my ability.”


2 | Egg Sniffers

egg sniffer

Rotten eggs are one of the primary ingredients in stink bombs and if you’re someone who can endure its sickening smell then you might want to check this job out. Egg sniffers/ beakers are being hired to separate the yolks from the whites for food production and well, sniff out all  the bad eggs from the batch. You might want to skip eating omelettes for breakfast for some time.


1 | Cow Inseminator

cow inseminator

Technology has its own way of helping out in breeding a top quality cattle. A computer program keeps track of a cow’s breeding. Well, what does a  cow inseminator have to do? They would have to stick their hand into the cow’s other opened hole to feel the reproductive tract and successfully guide the instrument into the uterus. With this job, you won’t probably look at a hamburger the same way ever again.





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