7 Qualities You Need to Become a Great Chef

7 Qualities You Need to Become a Great Chef

The world of pots and pans is not for everyone so here are seven qualities that you need to posses in order to become a great chef:


7 | Know how to receive criticism.

Your job will be to make others happy, offering them the most delicious dishes. But you should know that you cannot please everyone all the time. So when you receive criticism, you have to take it in a constructive way.



6 | Committed to quality


A super chef must use his skills, but also the best ingredients to be able to always deliver quality products.



5 | Teamwork

Rapid preparation of many dishes requires coordination and harmony in the kitchen. If you work in a large restaurant, you have to make sure all employees work as a team, so that the result reaching the customer’s table is the best possible.



4 | Multi-tasking

Beyond juggling with knives and vegetables, your speed in peeling a pineapple, and the skill you have to cut a chicken, you will still have to be the one that ensures a customer receives the order in time, calculate the budget and quantities of supplies needed in the kitchen, and watch your aids.



3 | Creativity

A great chef is distinguished by his or her capacity to be innovative in the kitchen. If you do not love to experiment and play with different ingredients, combine them in many ways to get a new and special taste, you should not practice this profession. As a chef, you will have new challenges every day. It is your job to make your customers happy and wanting to come back to taste your dishes.



2 | Pay attention to detail

Cooking is an art, but also a science. Every minute the food is on the stove, you have to juggle dozens of groceries, ingredients, spices and herbs. Attention is essential here, because you have to remember exactly what and how you put in the pot, how much more needs to be added, and everything takes place at a very fast pace. You cannot click on “pause”, and you cannot go back in time. After the food is ready, you must arrange it on a plate to look as good as possible.



1 | Crazy passion for cooking

If you do not enjoy what you do, you cannot excel in this profession. You should not even try this job unless you are sure you will enjoy it, mainly because whatever your feelings while cooking, will be reflected in the food. A good chef wants his customers to feel his joyfulness and optimisms in the food.




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