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7 Things to do in Las Vegas

7 Things to do in Las Vegas

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Whenever the city Las Vegas pops in every conversation, chances are you would end up talking about glitter, glamour and of course, gaming. Coming to Las Vegas is one opportunity one can never miss. As if the title “Entertainment Capital of the World” isn’t enough to keep tourists from being drawn to its lights. Las Vegas is widely known to be a city for shopping, fine dining and gambling. Once you find yourself wandering around Las Vegas, you’ll never run out of things to do. More than the poker tables and slot machines, I’ve come up with some of the things you wanna try out for yourself.


7 | Eat out at Vegas

las vegas restaurant

Eating out in Vegas has never been this good. You might wanna break your bank accounts for a while and head out for some designer dinner in one of Las Vegas’ Fine Dining Restaurants.


6 | Shark Reef Aquarium

shark reef aquarium

Drag your friends and family with you at the Shark Reef Aquarium located at Mandalay Bay. The thrill of seeing sharks, crocodiles, turtles, etc. may not surprise or delight you but you seriously got to check this one out!


5 | Night out

las vegas night club

Are you a party freak? Or someone who just wants to have some late night fun? Either way, Check out some Clubs in Las Vegas for that entertainment you’re very much after.


4 | Head Downtown

You will never really say you’ve been to Vegas without heading Downtown. It may be old, tiny and probably the only spot in Las Vegas where its Mayor has jurisdiction, but for those it’s-my-first-time-to-set-foot-here people, they could gaze up the ceiling of the outdoor mall that flashes laser lights everywhere.


3 | Art Galleries and Museums

neon museum in las vegas

If you still have some time to slash and burn, explore the corners of their museums, exhibits and Art galleries. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something to be fascinated with over there. If nothing does, well, here’s number 2…


2 | Catch the Cirque du Soleil shows

cirque du soleil

Seriously, you might think they’re just a bunch of entertainers, let me tell you this then. They’re known worldwide as gymnasts or stage performers wearing amazing costumes all to the audience’s amusement.


1 | Bellagio Fountain

Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas

There may be all sorts of entertainment and shows you can watch for free outside the hotels in the city but nothing could ever beat the majestic sight of the Bellagio Fountain.


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