7 Top Destinations around Asia

7 Top Destinations around Asia

Asia is known as a large continent with beautiful places. And yes, there is no way of denying that. Once you’ve planned your next destination around Asia, you will have to be faced with a decision on where to go first. It’s that awesome! From historical sites to breathtaking scenery, Asia holds so much treasure that a 10 day trip would not suffice.


7 | Thailand


Make sure to stop by Thailand when you’re in Asia. Top things to do in Thailand while you’re there? Feast your eyes on their historical sites and ancient temples and while you’re at it, you can bathe and feed the elephants on their camp sites as well. Thailand is a thriving modern city thanks to its intense night life and sunny beaches.


6 | Boracay, Philippines

boracay island

Bask yourself in the crystal waters and soak up the sun in the white sand beach known to be as BORACAY. This place has tourist attractions  particularly beaches that will practically draw you in. A great summer hang-out by day, and party zone by night, Boracay is one place to be when you’re in Asia.


5 | Singapore, Singapore

Singapore, singapore

If you happen to read up some information on this place, it is by far the safest and cleanest city of its size in the world. And by that, merely spitting on the side of the street will mean severe penalty. Historic sites, superb shops and beaches, you name it!


4 | Hongkong, China

hong kong china new year

Indulge yourself in the city where culinary is a delight to the citizens. Not only that, Hongkong is a progressive city because of its massive skyscrapers and modern structures. But what drives 9 million tourists coming into the city annually? It’s the Victoria Peak. The highest point in the city rising about 1,800 feet.


3 | Bali, Indonesia

Indonesian Temple

Yes, Asia is equals to beaches and Bali makes the cut. This is the perfect destination for those who wants to truly enjoy island living. Mountain chains, landscapes and sandy beaches are what you are to expect upon arriving in this place.


2 | Tokyo, Japan

tokyo japan

Aside from the fact that Tokyo is a modern and cosmopolitan city because of its mega structures, skyscrapers, city lights, boutiques and night clubs, it is also known for its rich history and traditions. In here you will find yourself lost and wandering around the city’s diverse culture.


1 | Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal, Agra, IndiaAs if it hasn’t rung a bell in anyone’s ears. Taj Mahal has been in the list of the Seven Wonders of the World and is India’s top tourist spots. It has attracted dreamers and lovers alike because of its majestic walls and precious gems that covered and lined the white marble mausoleum of the heartbroken Emperor Shah Jahan who built it in memory of his wife.




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