7 Unusual Food and Drinks around the World

7 Unusual Food and Drinks around the World

There are 7 continents and about hundreds upon hundreds of countries all over the world. Picture this, you arrive in a certain country for the first time and you decided to have a taste of what the localities enjoy eating. Only to find out its name and origin. Let’s face it then, different cultures meant different views on what “delicious” is. Some may come off strange to our taste buds or sense of smell and may not be as appetizing as it may seem since we’re not really accustomed to it. According to some, if you actually discard the fact that its disgusting, you would find it really scrumptious. I guess one has to be brave enough to accomplish that. Here is a list I made of the most unusual treats you’d find in some parts of the world.

7 | Escamoles



Ever annoyed by pesky ants everywhere? Escamoles, or ant larvae, are enjoyed by people in Mexico alongside tacos. For them, its nutty and buttery taste will leave you begging for more.


6 | Rocky Mountain Oysters

rocky mountain oysters

Oysters, yes, everyone has probable eaten this but not Rocky Mountain Oysters that is. You see, they’re not oysters to be exact. They’re actually peeled, flour-coated and deep fried bull testicles.


5 | Baby Mice Wine

baby mice wine

What’s a party without wine? Head over to Korea or China and you are most likely to be welcomed by fermented baby mice stuffed in rice wine.


4 | Balut


Would you ever dare to try eating a fertilized egg embryo? In the Philippines, Balut as what it is called, natives find this as really delicious and at the same time very healthy too.


3 | Roasted Pigeon Brains

roasted pigeon brains

South Asia is known for its strange menu and well, Roasted Pigeon Brains doesn’t seem to be any different. The Chinese’s find its skull really crunchy and of course, you suck its brain out.


2 | Monkey Brains

roasted pigeon brains

Another Brain Food in the list, Monkey Brains. Some couldn’t just stop embracing the unusual. Expensive Restaurants in some parts of Hong Kong serves this menu from an open skull of monkey. The drill before serving them? They force the monkeys to drink wine and once they are drunk, they chop open their skulls and scoop the brain out. According to some, it tastes like water tofu and is seasoned with pepper and ginger.


1 | Fried Guinea Pigs

Fried Guinea Pig in Arequipa, Peru

Guinea Pigs, really cute and furry and are kept as house pets. But in Peru, they take they unusual to a whole new level by frying guinea pigs and serves them up poked on a stick.


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