7 Unusual Phobias

7 Unusual Phobias

Phobias were explained us the unconscious mind’s protective mechanism. It is the irrational and excessive fear of a certain object, situation, or person. We are very much aware of the basic phobias like the fear of heights and closed spaces but what we are not aware of, is that there are cases of unusual phobias going around in the world. Since little attention were given, the awareness is very low. Below, you’ll get acquainted with some of them.

(The sole purpose of this article is to provide information and raise awareness that has plagued the lives of some people from all walks of life all over the world. If you happen to have any of the unusual phobias, please be aware there are pictures posted and there is no way, shape or form we would want to cause any triggers. Please be guided accordingly.)


7 | Trypophobia

Trypophobia is the fear of small holes such as sponges, wasp nest, cereal, and any other objects which has holes in it. This is not an official phobia but for some the fear is rather real. Cluster of holes aren’t the only triggers for this phobia. Daily objects like bubbles, buttons and other round objects are too.

6 | Coprophobia


Having Coprophobia can cause serious problems since it is a very peculiar dread of feces. It is understood that some of us does not find it amusing to touch, smell or be anywhere near feces but then people with this fear avoids any situation that involves it.


5 | Cathisophobia


Imagine going on a day without sitting. For some people they would have to deal with Cathisophobia by not sitting down on daily basis. This phobia is most likely linked to an emotional trauma in the past.


4 | Clinophobia


Clinophobia is the fear of going to bed. For people that is suffering this kind of phobia, they are haunted with the fear of going to sleep and well, dying. This is not easy for them, especially since our body needs rest for it to function properly.


3 | Ablutophobia


This phobia is not very common but it is very unusual since it has something to do with the fear of taking a bath, cleaning and washing. It is said that this phobia occurs mostly with children and women and is very rare with men. Ablutophobia is most likely caused by past traumatic and emotional experiences.


2 | Genuphobia


Genuphobia is the fear where most of its sufferers would have to deal with every single day. It is the fear of a certain body part which are the knees.


1 |  Geumaphobia


People with Geumaphobia would find it hard to indulge themselves with their cravings since their fear of taste is what’s stopping them. This is really hard, considering the fact that tasting what we love to eat is a luxury.



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