7 Unusual Restaurants around the world

7 Unusual Restaurants around the world

Restaurants emerging these days have totally redefined what it’s like to eat out. They follow a certain belief that dining doesn’t have to be mundane. From strangely disturbing to the comical, unusual restaurants seemed to pop just about everywhere. But of course, Asia will have to top that list. Below you’ll find out more on some of the world’s unusual restaurants.


7 | Modern Toilet

Head over to Taipei, Taiwan and you will find this restaurant where toilet seats are used instead of bowls and has feces-like chocolate soft serves. With its bathroom decor, more and more customers come into this restaurant day in and day out. And if that isn’t appetizing enough for you, wait until you hear about number 6 in our list.


6 | Cannibalistic Sushi

What better way to satisfy your inner psychopath than by making a reservation at Cannibalistic Sushi? Edible yet dead corpse are served complete with red blood sauce for that cannibalistic feeling. The sushi inside were delicately made by the artisans of the restaurant to resemble a human’s inner organs and were made as lifelike as possible.


5 | The New Lucky Restaurant

Take a trip inside The New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmedabad, India and you will most likely have graves and coffins as company. They are situated in between the tables and chairs and topped with candles. The restaurant started off as a tea shop outside the centuries-old cemetery. According to the owners of the said restaurant, the graves help bring in good luck to their business.


4 | Dinner in the Sky

 If you’re someone who could not even last 5 seconds in mid air, then this resto isn’t for you. The dining experience at Dinner in the Sky is truly something you shouldn’t miss aside from the fact that their food is exceptional, their seats are groundless which means you’re feet will be dangling below. There will be entertainers up with the guests for their two hour meal. Since you are 130 feet up in the air, you are to expect wind, fog, rain and other low-flying birds alongside your hearty meal.


3 | Fortezza Medicea

Once a reservation has been made in this restaurant located in Voltera, Italy, you are to follow certain precautions for safety. Why so? The restaurant itself is an extreme prison ground and not only that, the cooking and wait staff are all inmates (the head chef was convicted with murder). Utensils used are all plastic to ensure the safety of everyone. The restaurant is also under the close watch of prison warders so you can truly enjoy your meal with the mafia.


2 | Guolizhuang (Penis Restaurant)

You don’t have to be a pervert to enjoy lunch at the Guolizhuang. This isn’t your average restaurants because as you can see, they serve animal genitals plus you get to choose any aniaml’s testicles on the side. So if you want to get to try something more than a human’s genitals, then head on to Guolizhuang!

1 | “Roppongi”

The restaurant that tops our list is so exclusive to those who are filthy rich that it doesn’t even have a name. What makes this restaurant unusual? Who ever said playing with your food isn’t allowed must be crazy because in this restaurant, you get to make love to a certain animal and minutes later, the staff will serve them to you as your meal. not much of information has been spilled out but you can just imagine what goes on in there.


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