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7 Weight Loss Myths

We all came to a point where we wanted to lose weight and there’s nothing wrong with that. It only means we care too much about how we look and of course, our health to put in a lot of effort for it to work. In the course of your lifetime, you must have heard a lot of weight loss tips already. The question is, do you know how to filter which ones are true and which is a big fat myth? Read on to find out more.


7 | Natural Weight Loss Products are Safe


Natural supplements are pretty popular because they claim to be free of the harmful substances and side effects associated with conventional drugs. If you come to read their label, you’ll probably think that it’s safe, side-effect free and effective, right?

Here’s the thing with Natural Supplements. They don’t require FDA approval which means they are not subjected to the scientific scrutiny that other drugs undergo. What’s more, other herbal supplements has bioactive chemicals that are strong enough for the body most especially when they are taken in combination with prescribed medicines. Therefore, a weight loss product marketed as “natural” is not necessarily neither safe nor effective. Often, the term “Natural” is nothing but a slick pitch that can mount to safety concerns and risk death.


6 | You Need to Avoid Your Favorite Food


When you decide to lose weight, you often say goodbye to your favorite food like chocolate, fast food, sugary sodas, etc. All this is supposed to off your list to eat when losing weight. But truth be told, if you burn more calories than you consume then it doesn’t matter where the calories came from, whether be it from donuts or cake because you can still lose them. While avoiding processed food and dangerous fats is good for your health, eliminating these foods from your diet will not help you lose weight faster. Depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy is not fun, and it will not last. When you are on a diet, allow yourself, now and then, to eat whatever you want.


5 | Lose weight by skipping meals


You may think that eating fewer meals within a day is a good thing. Research has it that people who skip meals tend to weigh heavier. They assume that if they skip a meal, they’ll most likely eat less overall during a day. But according to studies, eating fewer than 3 meals a day will only increase your hunger and will make you eat more in subsequent meals. With that, you will end up consuming more calories throughout the day when compared to eating several small meals.


4 | Bread and Other Starches Make You Fat


Bread, and other starchy foods such as potatoes and rice, contain carbohydrates. And people who are on their weight loss routine try to avoid carbs as much as they can. But a balanced diet requires carbohydrates and studies have it that none of the 3 macro nutrients can make you fat. What makes a person fat is the excess calories they take. You can consume as many carbs as you wish. If your total daily caloric intake is less than the calories you burn you will not gain any weight.


3 | No Room for Dessert

dont eat dessert

Cookies and cakes are usually not included in a weight loss diet menu. Desserts contain sugar and fat so that means they are fattening. Well, not really. Research has shown that eating dessert, especially in the morning, diminishes cravings throughout the day. People who included dessert in their diet not only lost more weight than those who avoided it, they also kept the pounds off longer. A diet that eliminates sweets completely increases the desire for these foods to the point of addiction in the long term. So, don’t deprive yourself of sweets.


2 | Stick to your Exercise and Eating Plan


As you age your metabolism goes down. This is because your composition changes. A 70-year old man has typically less muscle and more fat than a 20-year old man of the same weight. Therefore, with a metabolism facing downward year after year, you need to decrease your daily caloric intake and/or increase your physical activity in order to maintain your weight.


1 | Exercise is Enough for Weight Loss


While exercise is a great way to burn calories, most of the times it’s not sufficient by itself to create the caloric deficit required for weight loss. Dieting is key. Think about it: In order to lose 1 lb a week, you need to burn 500 more calories a day than you eat. If you rely only on exercise to achieve this 500 calorie deficit, you need to swim every day for an hour, or walk briskly 2 hours or clean your house for 3 hours.

It’s hard to do these activities every day for this amount of time. A simple snack such as two cans of Coca-cola contain 500 calories. What would you rather do: Walk for 2 hours or skip the calorie laden snacks? Practically, exercise alone will not help you lose weight fast. Calorie restriction is much more effective.


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